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The song is about realizing and accepting the loss of a connection that seemed unbreakable in the beginning. It is also a dialogue between two lovers who too often pretended that everything’s how it’s supposed to be.

It’s a dance moved by the wish to free each other from a hurtful past and to try see each other with less expectations.

It’s also a confession: some of the trust has been lost along the way and there’s a painful yet liberating truth that must be embraced.

In the end we’re all imperfect human beings who sometimes need someone to struggle by our side.

Blue Noon was released on September 24 on all streaming platforms.

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    phonograph me
    A unique sound and incredibly well done, BEFORE is a true auditory and even sensory journey, capable of bringing a smile to those who hear it every time they play.
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    Mickey´s Weekly
    BEFORE is a song that feels like a dream. It takes you to places you have never been able to imagine.
  • Keep Walking
    Keep Walking
    Whether you’re a fan of electronic or pop, the band has a sound that’ll hook you from the start, guaranteed.

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