I Was Made For Lovin’ You | Cover


Concept: Tengo Kawana

Film by: Marcos Torroba

Camera: Marcos Torroba

Camera Assistent: Miriam Grundig

Light/set design: Inès Bach Terzi, Etienna Schultz, Miriam Grundig

Recording by: Tengo Kawana

Mixing & Mastering by: Alex Zambrano F

This video was shot underneath a Berlin Kreuzberg backyard on a Sunday morning. Just as the song, it wasn’t the result of long rehearsals and extensive planning, but rather spontaneous creativity arising from the certainty of being with the right people at this spectacular location at exactly the right time. All of this made shooting this video an incredibly creative and pure experience, free from the pressures of expectations and perfectionism. Hopefully watching this will leave you with a sense of ease and lightheartedness, ready to discover moments of joy and exploration in your own life. Even if you feel trapped or lost – there might be a door you have not opened yet.

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