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Tengo Kawana

TENGO KAWANA started recording songs in 2019 influenced by the magical realism. The COVID19 Lockdown gave them the luxury of visualising their music without rushing, diving deeper into their songs and improving them with dedication until they felt ready to go. They took their time to finish.

The Tengo Kawana Cast

On the Keys: Bass and vocals: Nadine Rey, actress from Berlin
On the Drums: Tim Trabandt, student, from Stade
On the Guitar: synth and vocals: Rubén Rubí, teacher, from Almería

Their lyrics are related to big choices and strong experiences in the present. Difficult situations, love and confidence struggles in a relationship, reflecting and understanding theirself and their past. Their music is influenced by modern electronic sounds and a funky psychedelic flair of the 70´s and 80´s, all surrounded by catchy pop melodies and experimental sound worlds.


Their music creates space for uncertainty and vulnerability. It allows listeners to explore different worlds and therein find their own personal endings to the phrase within themselves. Sometimes she sings, sometimes he does, sometimes their voices merge into each other – comforting and intriguing at the same time.

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